My name is Stevie (yes I believe I was named after the famous Stevie Nicks). I am about 4 years old. I had a family with 3 nice small humans….The older male of the house decided he did not like the fact that I shed. I was being taken to a kill shelter…Someone found out and contacted Black Dogs & Company Rescue. She was desperate to save me and could not take me into her home. The founder said of course and I was on my way to her home. A nice man and his wife adopted me…I was wonderful with them, the ir grandson. He was small and ran very quickly. I just followed him and gave him kisses. Thenext day the wife had something called an allergic reaction to me…They cried when I had to leave. I was quickly adopted by another family. They had these little humans too. I adored them, even slept by their beds at night. Then something called a work scheduled changed and I was in the back yard all day. Terrible storms came and the loud noises frightened me. I was sooo scared. The rescue came and got me and I stayed in this thing called a foster home AGAIN. They had little humans there too but whenever a storm would come I would get scared and would try to hide to get away from all the loud noises, I thought I was in that back yard again and all alone. Someone else adopted me and it was nice lots of little people there too but I got in an argument with her dog and she sent me back. Everyone gets in to an argument I did not know what the big deal was all about…..then a friend of this home wanted me. They loved me and I had little people there I adored…and two little doggies… My foster mom now said they did not take me to training so I did not know who was the leader…well I was the leader! I did what I wanted…I barked and barked at everyone who came near…No one was getting in my yard. I had little dogs and little people to protect!! Neighbors thought I was mean (wow me mean?? Well I do not like kitties or rabbits at all but hey I am a dog). They called the police and the people where I lived did not know what to do so now I am back with my foster momma. She loves me and tells me I will find just the right home, I love her so. Even when a bad storm comes thru if she is near me I am not afraid at all. She is the leader and she makes me feel safe. She is doing something called “training” I like to go walking with her. I do try and pull away but she tells me “heel” and if I listen we can walk for a long time and I like that. She tells me I am true to my breed (whatever that is) and that all I need is a home that will love me. Oh and I love to talk…I stay loose in the house and I do not chew anything. I go outside to do my business. I do try to push around some dog…but hey I have to try don’t I?? My foster mom tells me I have to play nice… I so wish I could find a home of my own… You can contact the volunteers with the rescue at if you are interested in adopting me. P.S. my foster momma said I look like Rin Tin Tin….

Adoption fee of $300 includes spay, vaccines and microchip.

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