10/4 update:
On Monday, September 28, 2015 Spike visited with an Orthopedic Surgeon in Towson, MD. There is much concern with the areas affected. For now we are to bring Spike back in 30 days to have another set of x-rays taken, we are hoping Mother Nature is kind and healing continues. There were lots of scenarios discussed but to touch on a few, one of the breaks occurred in Spike’s growth plate, there is some concern with calcium buildup on the pelvis which will be watched, and one leg could wind up being shorter than the other but there is no evidence of this right now. Absolute worst case scenario would be surgeries focusing on a total of 4 issues totaling between $10,000 – $14,000. It is a waiting game right now, even in 30 days we still may not know what direction this all will go in. So for now we wait, we raise funds with worst case scenario in mind so we are prepared, we continue to feed Spike high quality puppy food formulated for large breeds, he receives lots of love in his foster home and 15 minute daily walks. We are hoping to find Spike a place to swim as the specialist advised that swimming would be most beneficial. If anyone can help with that please let us know! Should we raise funds to cover the worst case scenario and not need it please know that the funds will be put towards helping other dogs in need. To donate towards Spike’s care, please visit https://www.youcaring.com/black-dogs-company-rescue-inc-430459.

9/9 update:
Poor sweet spike had trauma somewhere along the way (he is such a brave little fella) it involves his pelvis, femur and ball of the hip. He will need major surgery and he must have had so much pain..who would have hit this little fella and left him? He is seeing the Ortho Specialist on the 9/28. That is the earliest we could get him in to this great surgeon. To donate towards Spike’s care, please visit https://www.youcaring.com/black-dogs-company-rescue-inc-430459.

Spike arrived with BD&CR on 8/28/2015. The info from his original posting is included below. The pitiful little guy really pulled at our heartstrings and despite being overwhelmed with puppies and medical cases we decided we needed to help!

Original post:
Spike was brought in yesterday by a citizen who found him living on the corner of Willie Williams Drive and Baltimore Road. H e is a shepherd mix, male, around 8-10 weeks old and was not wearing any identification. He will be on stray hold until 8/26. Spike is suffering from Scarcotic Mange and infested with fleas and ticks. He has been bathed, dipped, given his first set of shots and dewormed. We have started him on the treatment but it will need to continue for quite some time. He is contagious to other dogs. Spike is so sweet and is going to make a wonderful companion for someone, he just needs lots of attention and love to get better. Please share Spike so he can find that person”

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