Meet Silas! Silas is currently on Medical Hold. Silas’s life changed when a plea went out via social media for help and our rescue, Black Dogs & Company Rescue, Inc., a 501c3 public charity stepped up to help. Silas had the offer of a foster which made for an easy rescue. We knew Silas was in rough shape.  From what we were told, he belonged to a man in southern Virginia who used him for hunting and was tied up for probably the majority of his life (estimated 6/7 years old).  He was rescued by the local SPCA when found living outside in 12 degree weather. He has been in his foster home for just a couple days now and came with whip and hook worms, intact, and severely emaciated. He has since tested positive for Heartworm, a corneal abscess, missing and broken teeth, low grade heart murmur, and on a scale of 1 to 5 for body condition, he is a 2.  His meek existence has been turned upside down.

Silas knows nothing of the world, so we are starting from the very beginning. First and foremost is getting him healthy.  Being a hound he is an excellent eater, and that’s a very good start, but he has a long way to go. He is slowly adjusting to living in a house. Potty training and managing stairs are huge accomplishments at this point. Proper manners and basic obedience will come in time. True to his Coonhound breed, he is the sweetest, kindest and gentlest of creatures. He’s starting to wag his tail, and he’s not as nervous when being touched. He adores being kissed on the head and spoken to in a soft voice. He is slowly coming out of his shell and showing bits of his personality which has probably been dormant for years. He loves people and wants their attention and affection. He also has a solid, athletic structure with nice, long, easy gates. He gets along great with other dogs and so far has ignored the cat. Quite simply, this guy will melt your heart.

We need help raising the funds for Silas’s treatments, please visit his fundraising page at: Silas has seen an eye specialist for the corneal abscess. Once he has gained a little weight we will be able to start his heartworm treatment. After his heartworm treatment has been completed he will then be neutered and have a dental. We are guesstimating his care to be at approximately $2,000 although we will adjust the fundraiser should this change. All donations are very much appreciated!

We would love nothing more than to have a home lined up for Silas once his treatment has concluded and he has been neutered. His adoption fee will be $300. Our adoption area is a 2.5 hour radius of zip code 21034. To learn more about our rescue please visit our website at or email us at

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