Kimber recently joined BD&CR from South Carolina after an SOS plea went out as he was scheduled to be euthanized due to a possible brain injury. At only a year old , we had to give him a chance and with a LOT of help from volunteers in the area we were able to commit to Kimber the night before he was scheduled to be euthanized.  The very kind lady who boarded him took him to the vet for his initial vacci nes, HW test (he is negative!!), and to try to get to the bottom of the brain injury. After some tests it seems Kimber’s wobbling is neurologic in nature. He will be seeing one of our wonderful vets for his boosters and a good once over then we will get a referral to a neurologist to get a diagnosis. At this point in time, everything suggests that this baby will be able to lead a normal life in the right home.  He will need the right adopter to come along, one that will make provisions so he can’t fall down steps and that will allow him plenty of time to eat as the wobbling does affect his ability to eat. BUT in typical puppy nature, this guy is playful and enjoys playing and romping like any other puppy! He doesn’t let his disability get him down!

Stay tuned for more info and if you would like to donate to his care please visit our website, under the “Get Involved” tab you will see a “Donate” option, this will take you right to our PayPal account. Thanks so much for your support!