6/19 update:
Hope can clear a 4′ fence without a problem! When she is placed with an adopter this will have to be taken into consideration. Over the weekend we had changed out the puppy pen with 4 sections of 4′ kennel type fencing. Well, this morning I watched as Ms Hope hopped right over it like it was her job! Once the pups are weaned we will be working with a trainer. Also, once the pups are weaned Hope will start on her heartworm treatment. Hope has met our resident cat and although very curious she has not shown any aggression towards him…for a dog who lived as a stray this is excellent! Hope adores my children, that being said Hope is timid and my children have been taught to be calm and move slowly around our fosters, I am not sure how she would do in a home with children who don’t behave as mine do around dogs. Hope’s hair continues to fill in nice and shiny and she is at a healthy weight.

Onto Titan, Troy and Tanner…these boys are on the move! They wrestle, jump, run, tug on toys, chase a ball…it has been just too cute to watch them grow. They are doing well on their mash and have stolen some sips from mom’s water bucket. They love playing with my kids and have even met my wonderful dog, Cash. We take time with them everyday so that they are properly socialized.

5/26 update:
Big news! We have names, weights, and eyes open on one puppy! The puppies have been named Titan 2lbs 15 oz), Tanner (2lbs 1oz), and Troy (2lbs 7oz). Titan’s eyes are open!

5/19 update from her foster:
I don’t know how this girl is still alive. When she got here we removed at least a dozen ticks and this morning I removed at least a dozen more. When she went potty I could see that she is filled with parasites too. She is emaciated. I am giving her 6 small meals a day around the clock. Last night I stayed up late and made satin balls (fat filled balls to help put weight on) and she really likes them! It is going to be a long road to good health for Hope. Her puppies seem well and Hope is a good mommy to them.

5/17 update:
Hope had her puppies under a handicapped ramp. We are looking into having them flown from NC to MD. If this doesn’t pan out, BD&CR will be making the drive down to NC to bring Hope and her 4 puppies back north. Please stay tuned for updates and send us some good luck vibes to help this little family get to safety!

Our medical funds have been exhausted and our foster homes are bursting at the seams but we just could not say no to this poor mama. This very pregnant and very underweight female lab mix will be joining us shortly from North Carolina. She was found as a stray eating pieces of kibble someone had thrown in the dirt for her. She will be taken to a vet immediately upon intake. Fingers and paws crossed she doesn’t have heartworms and that she and her unborn pups can be brought back to full health.

If you’d like to contribute towards her care, donations can be made following the link below. Mama and her pups thank you!