Dixie is a 13.5 year old female spayed Yorkie with a BIG personality. Dixie belonged to one of the clients at one of our veterinarian’s office, she originally belonged to the clients neighbor who was no longer able to care for her, so they gave her a home. When Dixie started having accidents in the house and needed diagnostics to obtain a diagnosis her family decided they couldn’t continue to care for her. Dixie is looking for her third and final, forever home to see her through her golden years.
Dixie is super excited to meet everyone, anyone, anything. Great with kids, absolute favorite type of human. Especially if they have food, which she will shimmy through any groundhog sized hole to get to. Loves her foster’s cat, but the feeling is not mutual. Dixie doesn’t give chase, she means no harm, but will always let you know where the cat is. Dixie thinks cat toys are better than dog toys.
Her foster mom calls her a garbage can, she will eat anything before it hits the floor. She ate half of a cucumber in seconds. The other older large dog (80lbs) in her foster home lets her steal his food.
She has recently been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. She will need to be on medication twice daily for the rest of her life. Her disease will need to be monitored every 6 months. It is not life threatening. Treatment will hopefully resolve her slight bladder issue. She has not had a “conscious” urinary accident in her foster mom’s house, but she is let out frequently. “Conscious” meaning she does leak a little urine during sleep, not a puddle.
She is due for a dental cleaning, but we want to get her regulated on her new medication first.
It took her foster mom about 2 weeks to get to know Dixie and for her to get to know her foster mom. Finally, she looks for attention. She doesn’t really play a lot, but absolutely loves walks. The sweetest thing about her: she scoots closer, then closer, then every inch of her body has to be touching you. Not to mention her teddy bear face.
If interested in giving Dixie the forever home she so deserves please reach out via email – rescueblackdogs@yahoo.com